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3/30/06 -It's been a while. I bought a Toyota 4runner and a Yamaha R6 last year and wasn't driving the M3 so I sold it. I really need to update this site so I'll be adding some more stuff within the next few weeks.

3/12/02 - I went to a NASA autocross but it was too cold to take pics. I did manage to get out and snap a few.

2/10/02 - Happy New Year!!! I haven't made many changes. Just updated some links and made some pics prettier.

9/15/01 - It's been a very hard week. As everyone in the world knows, there was an attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. No current events in my lifetime has evoked so many emotions as this one did.

Some pictures...

Picture from the Bergen Record (the newspaper from my hometown in New Jersey)


9/16/01 Ferrari pays their respect to the victims by racing without any decals and a black nose piece on their race cars in Monza, Italy.


6/14/01 - I've had problems with my laptop (the hard drive died) and that's where I was updating my site from. Took a while to set it up on my home pc but it's done and I added some pics of a kart lapping day, my new Blaupunkt stereo, JimC intake, Forgelines, and some other stuff. Take a look.

11/20/00 - I just got back from Laguna Seca. God I love that track. I just separated the tracks page by track.

10/24/00 - Here an all new format (but the same content) Hope you like this better.

10/22/00 - I just added some pics I took at the track.

10/20/00 - Okay, here's a new look to my site. It's really lame because I'm lazy and I'm using MS FrontPage to do this. I don't have the time to sit around and code the html properly to make this site look good. One day maybe if I'm really bored.

6/7/99 - After all this time working with computers, I've finally decided to create my own home page. It's a mess right now but come back soon and hopefully it'll look better. I really don't know what to put here so I'll start with a few of my hobbies. Click on the links above.



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